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Our WiFi in a Box service, a convenient solution for all your internet needs. Whether you’re hosting business event or festival, experience seamless connectivity with our portable WiFi box rentals. Stay connected – book yours today!

Ensure Event Success With Uninterrupted Internet From Our WiFi in a Box

In today’s fast-paced world, the internet has become an integral part of businesses. Ensuring reliable and fast internet can be a major challenge regarding events. Poor internet connectivity can lead to frustrated attendees, missed opportunities, and an overall negative experience. This is especially true for outdoor or remote events, where access to a stable internet connection can be limited. This can result in a drop in productivity, missed communications, and a lack of engagement. Your event’s success is at risk if you can’t guarantee a seamless internet experience.

We offer wifi box solutions for your event needs throughout Canada , United Kingdom and world wide.

Ensure Event Success With Uninterrupted Internet From Our Wi-Fi in a Box

Get in touch with our specialists for WiFi in a Box. We serve clients in Canada, the United States and beyond. Event WiFi Canada can tailor a solution to meet your needs based on your desired coverage area. Get a quote today and make your event a complete success

wifi in a box

Wifi in a Box

Get uninterrupted portable event WiFi—rent Portable WiFi in a Box today and stay connected no matter where your events.

Event WiFi Canada

WiFi in a Box - Ensuring Event Success with Uninterrupted Internet

Get ready to elevate your event experience with reliable and seamless internet connectivity. Upgrade to WiFi in a Box today and ensure event success with uninterrupted internet. Contact us now to learn more!

Understand the Convenience of a Portable WiFi Box: How Does it Function?

Activating the WiFi box portable only requires a single power outlet and flipping a switch. The Pelican case weighs approximately 10 kg and can be easily transported using the side handle or wheels. In just three minutes after being plugged into a local power source, it provides WiFi coverage for up to 100 users within a 40-meter radius. 

With our WiFi box solutions, you can expect reliable and fast internet connectivity with its integration of advanced 4G LTE service providers. Not only does it offer a high level of uptime at 99.9%, but you can also control the bandwidth allocation for each user. You can even add additional SSID networks if needed.  

The installation process is simple, just plug it in, turn on the switch, and in just 3 minutes, you’ll be ready to go with the ability to support over 100 users per box. This portable solution is versatile and can be used anywhere in the world with compatibility with 110V and 220V local plug points. It’s affordable and can be scaled to meet your needs. Contact us now for a quote on our WiFi in a Box solution. 

Event WiFi Canada

Stay Connected Anywhere with our WiFi in a Box Solution

Say goodbye to slow and unreliable internet at events, corporate meetings, and remote locations. Experience lightning-fast speeds and reliable connectivity with just a single plug-in and switch.  

Take a beat, and stay connected anywhere, anytime. Get in touch with us today for a custom quote!

The Benefits of Renting for WiFi in a Box

Are you tired of unreliable internet during events or on the go? Upgrade to our WiFi in a Box solution for a seamless and connected experience. There are several key benefits to using WiFi in a Box. This solution is portable and lightweight, packaged in a Peli case with a handle for easy carrying or rolling. With its compact and portable design, you can easily carry it anywhere and set it up in just a few minutes.  

It is designed for use at events and can accommodate broadband access for up to 100 users within a 40-meter range. The ability to offer customizable bandwidth is the perfect solution for any event. Plus, it’s fully equipped with all necessary security measures and supports private SSIDs. Don’t let internet connectivity be a hindrance to your event’s success. Contact us now to learn more about WiFi in a Box!

Our Customers Choose WiFi in a Box for Events

Expert Wi-Fi Installation for Your Next Event - Nationwide and Worldwide

Let Event WiFi’s network engineers provide Wi-Fi installation services for your events, anywhere in the world, including Canada and the USA. Our highly trained team is dedicated to delivering exceptional experiences and ensuring seamless Wi-Fi connections at your event. No matter what type of event you are hosting, be it a conference, trade show, or any other, reliable Wi-Fi is crucial to its success.

We offer customized and budget-friendly Wi-Fi installation solutions that cater to the unique needs of your event. From planning to implementation and support, our team will handle every aspect of your Wi-Fi network so you can focus on delivering an unforgettable experience. Contact us to learn more about our Wi-Fi installation services.

Event WiFi Canada

Ensure a Smooth and Continuous Internet Connection at Your Upcoming Event

Choose Event WiFi Canada for Unmatched WiFi Installation Services Available Nationwide and Worldwide! 

Why Choose Event WiFi Canada?

At Event WiFi, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional experiences and fostering lasting connections with our clients. Our team of experts will assist you in selecting the right solution for your event, whether it be remote access points, satellite internet , personalized bonded internet, hardline, MiFi or any other requirement. With extensive experience in providing Wi-Fi solutions for events globally, we have the necessary knowledge and expertise to ensure reliable connections. Besides internet connections, we IT rentals and skilled teams to smooth your event. 

Reliable Support

Reliable Support

Event WiFi offers a comprehensive array of Wi-Fi services, including round-the-clock remote support and on-location technical support. Our dedicated customer support team is always available if you need additional assistance.
Optimize Wi-Fi Usage

Optimize Wi-Fi Usage

Keep track of the Wi-Fi usage of your attendees. Our solution gives you the power to manage the data consumption for each user, giving you valuable insights into broadband usage and traffic flow.
Ensure Network Security

Ensure Network Security

Don't take chances with open Wi-Fi networks that may not be secure. Event WiFi provides a secure infrastructure for your Wi-Fi setup, ensuring peace of mind.
Fast Delivery

Fast Delivery

Are you looking for Wi-Fi in a Box solution for your events in Canada or other parts of the world? Event WiFi's rental solutions can be quickly delivered to your location.
Affordable Solutions

Affordable Solutions

Quality event Wi-Fi should be accessible, regardless of event size or budget. Event WiFi offers budget-friendly solutions that never compromise on quality. Contact us to find out how we can keep you connected.
Multiple Devices

Multiple Devices

Maximize your savings by combining Wi-Fi rental with other event technologies such as iPads, scanners, wireless printers, and portable printers. Our experts can provide more information, so don't hesitate to contact us.
Event WiFi Canada

Make Your Next Event Unforgettable with Technology and Seamless Connectivity​

Make your next event one to remember with the help of our top-notch internet rental and IT rental services. Contact us today, and let us show you how we can transform your event with seamless connectivity and innovative technology. 

What Our Clients Say About Us

“At our corporate event in Vancouver in 2022, we utilized WiFi solutions for our seminars and were thoroughly impressed with the outcome. Their support and services were exceptional, meeting our needs precisely when needed. We highly recommend Event WiFi and fully endorse their services.”     

Frequently Asked Questions 

For an affordable cost, you can take advantage of our convenient and portable WiFi in a Box solution for your  events in Canada, the US, and globally. Our frequently asked questions about using WiFi in a Box for business have been answered. If you have any additional inquiries regarding the WiFi rental process, don’t hesitate to contact our knowledgeable experts.

Yes, we offer advanced wifi internet services for business meetings, events, and workplaces across Canada, the United States, and worldwide. The shipment, installation, and on-site support are available in 60 countries across 6 continents. Contact our professionals for more information.

Our knowledgeable technicians are available to provide technical support during your event, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted WiFi connection.

We provide wifi rentals to meet any short- or long-term needs. Our team will work to accommodate your specific requirements. Contact us to request a quote.

Our team of experts will handle the WiFi setup and installation for your event, working closely with you to determine the equipment’s best placement and ensure proper setup and functioning.

Yes, the conditions of your rental agreement may be altered or extended. Contact our team for more information.

No, after the rental period is over, the technology components and equipment must be returned to us.

WiFi in a Box can be powered by standard EU, US, or UK AC power plugs. It is low-power-consumption compatible with generators and operates worldwide with both 110v and 220v voltage options.