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Epson C3500 Printer Rental | On-Demand Printing for Events

Eliminate queues and boost operational efficiency at your events. Rent Epson C3500 printer for fast, high-quality colour label printing, ensuring seamless event experiences for your attendees.

Epson C3500 Colorworks Label Printer: Inkjet Badge Printing Solution for Events

Event WiFi proudly offers the Epson C3500 Colorworks Label Printer, an ideal inkjet badge printing solution for business and corporate events. This advanced printer is designed to meet the high demands of event organizers, providing fast and efficient badge printing on-site.

With the Epson C3500, you can effortlessly produce professional-quality colour labels and badges, adding a touch of professionalism and branding to your events. Its high-resolution printing capabilities ensure clear and vibrant results, making a lasting impression on attendees.

Epson C3500 Colorworks Label Printer: Inkjet Badge Printing Solution for Events

By renting the Epson C3500 from Event WiFi, you can access the latest printing technology without needing a long-term investment. Our team ensures that the printer is delivered promptly to your event location, ready to be set up and used efficiently.

Rent the Epson C3500 Colorworks Label Printer From Event WiFi Today

From printing name badges and ID cards to product labels and promotional materials, experience the perfect printing solution for your business and corporate events.

Epson C3500 Label Printer: Key Specifications

In today’s dynamic landscape, colour badges with graphics have become essential for highlighting vital event information. This evolution has led to a surge in label varieties and increased complexity in label creation. The Epson ColorWorks C3500 label printer emerges as the ultimate solution, enabling instant printing of vibrant full-colour badges. With Epson’s 4-colour inkjet printers in the TM-C3500, this printer is ideal for high-quality badge printing, perfectly suited for business and corporate events.

Here are the key specifications of the Epson ™ C3500 Labels Printer:

Print Resolution

Up to 720 x 360 dpi, ensuring sharp and crisp text and graphics.

Label Sizes

Supports a wide range of label sizes, from 1.2 inches to 4.4 inches in width.

Compatibility & Reliability

Compatible with popular label design software, allowing for flexible label creation. Also Designed for continuous operation with minimal maintenance requirements.

Durable Labels

Prints on various label materials, including matte, gloss, and synthetic options for durability.

Print Speed

Capable of printing at speeds of up to 4 inches per second, maximizing productivity.

Ink Cartridges

Utilizes individual ink cartridges for convenient and cost-effective colour management.

Long-Lasting Ink Performance:

Experience the power of Epson C3500 and its remarkable pigment ink cartridges, ensuring highly detailed and quick-drying badges that resist fading over time.

Create Custom Badges:

This printer empowers you to print badges and tickets tailored to your specific needs, complete with barcodes and detailed product information.

Robust, Compatible & Reliable Printer Rental

For Your Events, Choose Epson C3500 Printers to Print High-Quality Color Badges.

Versatile Applications: Epson C3500 Colorworks Label Printer for Various Event Types

The Epson C3500 Colorworks Label Printer is suitable for various types of events, including:

These events can benefit from the Epson C3500’s ability to create vibrant and customized colour labels, badges, tickets, and more to enhance branding, organization, and attendee engagement.

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Find Answers to Common Questions About Epson C3500 Printer Rentals. Our Expert Team is Ready to Assist You with any Additional Inquiries. Contact us Now for Prompt Support and Expert Guidance.

Renting the Epson C3500 printer is easy. Contact us with your requirements, and our team will assist you with the rental process, including delivery and setup.

The Epson C3500 printer can print on a wide variety of labels, including matte, gloss, and synthetic materials. It offers flexibility to meet your specific labelling needs.

Absolutely! The Epson C3500 printer is designed for high-quality colour label printing, allowing you to create vibrant and eye-catching labels for your products or events.

We offer 24/7 technical support for the Epson C3500 printer rental. Our team is available to assist you with any troubleshooting or questions you may have.

We offer flexible rental durations to accommodate your specific needs. Whether you need the printer for a day, a week, or longer, we can tailor the rental period to suit your requirements.

Yes, we provide a range of accessories and label supplies to complement your Epson C3500 printer rental. Our team can guide you in selecting the right accessories for your labelling needs.